A comprehensive, easy-to-use reference system

FAB-DIS, an optimised multi-trade format for sharing reliable, up-to-date and enhanced content.

The exchange of data relies on the correct understanding of needs and the correct interpretation of the data provided. Consequently, FAB-DIS defines a unified, stabilised structure to simplify the creation and integration of files. In addition to proven productivity gains, conforming to the reference system helps to:

  • accelerate the use of data for marketing and sales purposes
  • improve the listing and exposure of products and services

…in order to optimise the end user’s experience by facilitating the search for offers and by providing options based on reliable, up-to-date data.

Provided free of charge to all firms, the FAB-DIS reference system:

  • Precisely defines the structure (number and order of the columns), the fields (name, coded name and description of the expected characteristics) and the values (type of data, maximum values),
  • Offers a complete glossary and hundreds of instructional examples taken from typical cases to clarify key concepts (e.g. basic unit, marketing status, life status, regulatory data, etc.) and facilitates the integration of the format (e.g. structure in rows or columns)

Provides 15 reference tables containing the values to be used to unambiguously define the offers, their packaging and their benefits, and more easily certify their compliance with the regulations in force and the voluntary certification rules.

The reference system - key figures

  • 9 organised tabs
  • 170 characteristics available
  • 450 instructional examples
  • 15 reference tables
  • 1 secure and reliable checking tool
  • Many different tips

1 identification block

This identification block makes day-to-day life easier for those responsible for managing product data. Its circulation is mandatory.

It identifies the issuer of the file and the listing data parameters. It lays down the rules for publishing “patch” files for the rapid acknowledgement of new product features between two full publications. It highlights and authenticates the conformity of a file to the FAB-DIS format.


Identify the issuer and the data parameters
Authenticate the conformity of a file to the FAB-DIS format

Version of the FAB-DIS format used, trademarks, file update level (full or patch), single verification identification number, price application date, contact details of the publication manager, etc.

4 main blocks

The first four blocks, which are subject to mandatory circulation, focus on a set of priority data deemed essential for listing and optimising the offers in distributor ERP tools and on merchant sites.


Enable and optimise the commercial transaction

Commercial reference, Public price, Basic unit, Minimum order quantity, Life status, Discount family, non-wrapped product dimensions, etc.


Significantly optimise the management of logistics flows

Quantity per packaging unit, EAN14 bar code, type of packaging, dimensions of the reference with its packaging, instructions, etc.


Optimise the offers in all multi-channel publications (web, ERP, print, application, etc.)

Sales pitch, product data sheet, manual, photo, video, conformity mark, keywords, product environmental profile, etc.


Certify the compliance of the products with regulations that directly affect their marketing and the responsibility of those involved

(marketing suspended until regulatory data is available, repercussions of the “eco-contribution”, provision of certificates, etc.). Eco-contributions, Declaration of Performance, energy class, F-GAS, SDS, batteries, timber.

FAB-DIS includes four additional blocks for manufacturers that wish to further enrich their data. The circulation of this data remains optional and is used to :


Share technical information in the ETIM format to make it easier to use by distributors

Power, flow rate, impact resistance (IK), component materials, light output, colour, etc.


Organise the expression of the offers and structure sales statistics

Name of range, marketing nomenclature code, level in the nomenclature pyramid, etc.


Help customers to identify, within the same manufacturer offer, the most relevant/recent product within the context of a maintenance activity

Description of the old reference, type of substitution (one for one, one for one batch, etc.), compatibility between the old and new range, etc.


Optimise the offer in the same range, improve the management of compound products

Related references (correspondence between the main product and its accessories or auxiliaries), compound/components (identification of multiple packages, increased availability of the offer), etc.

Focus on ETIM


ETIM constitutes a European product classification and technical characterisation model that is adapted to business distribution requirements. Founded in 2013, the ETIM France association supports its roll-out on the French market by taking national requirements and particularities into account.

In the ETIM block, FAB-DIS defines the format to be used for publishing technical data under the ETIM standard, thus facilitating its commercial and marketing use. The content of the ETIM technical data to be completed, which is itself defined with the support of manufacturers, is specified by the ETIM organisation.

FAB-DIS thus offers manufacturers that are interested, the possibility of directly encapsulating their technical data under the ETIM standard, when publishing their FAB-DIS data, in the form of an Excel file that is accessible to all.

3 free structure blocks

In addition, FAB-DIS offers three free structure tabs, which are very useful for enabling manufacturers to lay down their terms and conditions of sale, promote new products in their catalogue, or complete the file with specific data that goes beyond what is anticipated and structured in the eight tabs structured by FAB-DIS. These three blocks are, by their very nature, subject to optional circulation and enable companies to manage a single reference system.


Express the terms and conditions of sale of the offer between the manufacturer and the distributor, governed by business confidentiality

In the same way as the Distributor Price data, the distributor’s terms and conditions of purchase are to be kept confidential (contract-related data)


Present the changes and deviations compared to the previous edition of the catalogue and serve as a basis for marketing analyses

Price changes: changes to marketing coding, discount families, etc.
Changes to offer scope: new or reactivated references, deleted references, etc.


Send distribution partners data specific to the manufacturer, in addition to that structured in the eight tabs

Identification of the logistical distribution centre of the manufacturer with several centres

FAB-DIS offers rich, structured content to ensure the effective listing of products and services. Manufacturers that wish to provide data other than that structured by FAB-DIS can use the Specific tab provided for this purpose. Its structure is free.

Focus on the tables

FAB-DIS provides 12 reference tables grouped together in a dedicated file and regularly updated to take market needs and regulatory changes into account. They contain, in the form of codes and using illustrated and instructional descriptions, the reference values to be copied accurately in your listing files to:

  • clearly define the offer, its dimensions and its packaging
  • describe the multimedia optimisation formats
  • or even certify the offer’s compliance with regulations or the certification rules.

To download the current tables, click here

Table des unités

Décrire avec rigueur la référence commerciale pour assurer son référencement en limitant les risques d’erreurs et de litiges

Unité de base : pièce pour un interrupteur (EA), mètre carré pour un plancher chauffant (MTK), mètre linéaire pour du câble (MTR), centimètre linéaire pour un ruban Leds (CMT), pack pour un lot ou blister ou sachet de plusieurs pièces (PK)…

Conditionnement : boîte (BX), blister (BLI), carton (CT), sac (BG), bouteille (BO), couronne (RG), touret (RL), palette (PF)…

Type of media data

Deliver sales pitches and multimedia formats while optimising their integration

Product and range sales pitches, photos, video, manual, product data sheet, PEP environment profile, eco-passport


Understand the importance of the recycling sectors and familiarise yourself with the coding of the eco-contribution scales

Organisational principles of the recycling sectors with Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), up-to-date eco-contribution codes provided by approved eco-organisations, reminder of the terms for displaying and passing on eco-contributions (WEEE, Furniture waste (“DEA”) etc.)


Provide and optimise evidence of the quality, safety and performance of products

Mark of conformity certificate issued by a competent body independent of the manufacturer (NF mark, etc.)


Certify the compliance of the products with certain regulations that directly affect the marketing of the products and the 

legal responsibility of those involved (marketing suspended until regulatory data available, passing on of the eco-contribution, provision of certificates, etc.).

Eco-contributions, Declaration of Performance, energy class, F-GAS, SDS, batteries, timber.


State the geographical origin of the products

List of country codes and associated descriptions taken from standard ISO 3166-1, used to fill in the origin and traceability characteristics

 (MADE IN in the Commerce block, TIMBER in the Regulatory table)


Ensure the traceability and legality of timber or timber products

Reference codes and values for characterising the wood species (trade name and Latin name), in accordance with Regulation (EU) No 995/2010 (EUTR)


Certify the compliance of cells and accumulators with airfreight control rules

Reference codes and values for characterising the model and the technology of the various cells and accumulators, based on best practice

Focus on the regulatory block


FAB-DIS helps you reassure your customers and easily provide proof of compliance with French and European regulations.

FAB-DIS does not add any constraints. The FAB-DIS REGULATORY tab does little more than display and keep up to date the main legal information requirements applicable to building supply trades.

The 16 regulations include:

  • Mandatory information incumbent on the manufacturer over the life cycle of its products: performance and fitness for purpose (ACS, DoP, NF safety mark, etc.), marketing and implementation (Traceability, F-Gas, SDS, expiry date, etc.), operation (energy and environmental label, availability of spare parts), end of life (recycling cost, sorting instructions, etc.)
  • The information that has to be checked by the distributor before being made available to customers (business or private). Otherwise, if this information is unavailable or inaccurate, the marketing of the offers may be suspended and those involved subject to civil and criminal prosecution.

Meeting your obligations is thereby simplified. FAB-DIS offers a stable, unified and up-to-date structure for communicating all of the regulatory data required for a product.


Destination: conformity. Accessible in three stages with, as its primary purpose, the instructional summary of the regulations affecting building products throughout their life cycle (Regulatory Table)

1 Focus only on those regulations that concern you. Thankfully, not every product is concerned by every regulation.
2 Complete the parts that FAB-DIS has preselected to make your life easier and meet your obligations. The summary of the regulatory data and official documents to be provided for each of the regulations monitored by FAB-DIS can be downloaded here. Example:

  • Plumbing equipment subject to the “sanitary ware conformity certificate” (ACS): indication of a date, a certificate number,
  • Bathroom furniture incorporating a light subject to the eco-contribution: types of eco-contribution (RNAT = WEEE and Furniture waste (“DEA”), number of eco-contributions (= 2), codes of the eco-organisations (RCOD = P05.01 and 07017019230), eco-contribution values and unit (= €2.5 excl. tax + €1.25 excl. tax)
3 Set your mind at ease now.

Use the Easy-Check by FAB-DIS tool designed to help you create your FAB-DIS files independently

In just a few minutes, this tool checks the completeness of the information required by the regulations, compliance with the format, the integrity of the values and even the links to your proof of conformity!