Version 2.3: the multi-trade response

Version 2.3: the multi-trade response

Good news! FAB-DIS is being developed to make your upcoming listing operations even easier. V2.3 is being enhanced to meet your new requirements, without altering the structure of the exchange format. Called V2.3 Release 2019, it comes into force on 1 September 2019.

In 2018, with almost 80 improvements compared to the previous version, FAB-DIS V2.3 reinforced the multi-trade and multi-channel nature of the format. In 2019, this dynamic is continuing to further improve the attractiveness of FAB-DIS in the construction, industry and infrastructure sectors, particularly thanks to:

  • The extension of the scope of use to Personal Protective Equipment (e.g. pricing by the pair, integration of the Declaration of Conformity required under EU Regulations, etc.), construction materials (e.g. expression of packaging of laminate floor boards or construction panels, reference to the sector’s NF conformity marks, etc.) and regulated measuring instruments (e.g. conformity of electricity or gas meters, etc.)
  • The possibility of pricing commercial references by the hour (e.g. service provision) or identifying products whose price cannot be communicated (e.g. custom-made item, net price negotiated at the time of purchase)
  • The integration of three new value tables (Customs, F-GAS, Language) that will be used as a basis for new checks by the Easy-Check tool to boost the reliability of the data communicated

This enhanced V2.3 version is the fruit of meticulous work carried out by the FAB-DIS committee, which is representative of the diversity of the sectors, to gather and analyse requirements.

To understand these expectations and respond to them better, the committee has studied around 50 examples of use over the last 12 months and held three sector-specific workshops.

  • A major survey involving more than 300 users,
  • Study of around 60 examples of use,
  • Four sector-specific workshops,
  • The technical approval of the unified control script (500 files tested).

FAB-DIS V2.3 Release 2019: its strengths

  • Expansion to include new trades
  • Easier to integrate
  • Consideration of the latest regulatory changes
  • Authentication of files that meet format requirements

Easier integration

No difficulties on the horizon. FAB-DIS remains easy to integrate so that the needs of every type of company can be met regardless of the company’s business, size and the maturity of its IT system:

  • The structure of the format remains unchanged,
  • The description of expected data has been clarified and enhanced with instructional examples.

Concerned about the conformity of your file ?

Designed to help manufacturers publish high-quality files that can be used directly by their distribution partners, the unified Easy-Check tool independently checks whether the files comply with the FAB-DIS format in force.

Improvement through feedback

Please let us know what you think about V2.3 by using the contact form on the FAB-DIS website or the online questionnaire sent to you.

We will use your valuable comments to carry on meeting your requirements.

To identify the changes in FAB-DIS V2.3, visit the Changes Log

To download version 2.3 free of charge, go to the Downloads page



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