Instant benefits

FAB-DIS: master the digital revolution

Simplicity, stability, universality: just some of the benefits for getting ahead of market developments, making the most of the increasing digitization of exchanges and supporting construction professionals with rich content and tools with high added value.

From the manufacturer to the end user, the whole value chain wins!

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  • Easier commercial transactions
  • Simpler, quicker listing of offers
  • Increased responsiveness of updates
  • Reduced time to market
  • Controlled product life cycle and stock management
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  • Search, display and choice of products are made easier
  • Optimised integration of multimedia formats (video, photos, etc.)
  • Better advertising effects
  • Emphasis on the offers’ performance and proof of conformity
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  • Enhancement and increased reliability of data
  • Independent compliance monitoring
  • Quicker data updating process
  • Reduced risk of errors and disputes

Ready, steady, go!

On 01/09/2019, FAB-DIS version 2.3 - Release 2019 will definitively replace version 2.3.

Get it now. A turnkey and simpler solution for managing and qualifying your data


FAB-DIS: Making the life of professionals easier

Thanks to its rich content, FAB-DIS really helps companies in the construction, industry and infrastructure sectors as they go about their day-to-day work so that they can give customers better advice, choose the right offers and implement products and maintain them more efficiently! 

In fact, FAB-DIS is acclaimed because it significantly improves the multi-channel journey of professionals, giving a double guarantee of fluidity and relevance in the information provided. The customer’s journey is therefore seamless and based on reliable, consistent data and media with high added value (e.g. installation-support software, click and collect, shared screen at points of sale, etc.), regardless of the preferred points of contact or sale.

Physical outlets, websites, catalogues, configuration tools, mobile applications, social media, call centres, etc.

All of these channels are simultaneously populated in an optimised manner to ensure the highest level of service for the most demanding professionals !

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