Facilitate and accelerate the listing of offers

Too many hours spent preparing and processing files, problems interpreting data, energy-intensive and costly processes, out-of-
sync data exchanges between company departments, etc.

The consensus in the construction, industry and infrastructure sectors is that without a stable and unified exchange format,
listing operations generate work that does not add any value. Resources are too often wasted:

  • Duplicating data rather than creating it
  • Resolving misunderstandings regarding the data that is expected
  • Without the possibility of automating the production, checking and integration of files

But what if our resources could be used to enhance our content?


  • A growing volume of electronic exchanges that concern different needs (sales, marketing, logistics, etc.),
  • Shorter product life cycles,
  • The need to optimise offers with enhanced content and media,
  • Product offers often turned into solution or system offers,
  • The need to provide reliable and consistent information throughout the customer’s purchasing process (cross-channel strategy, etc.)

The traditional approach by which each company has “its own format” is not only completely unsuitable given today’s challenges – productivity and reducing Time to Market – it also complicates the management of product data.

It was out of this shared observation that the FAB-DIS unified format was born.



Error-free listing!

Choose Easy-Check GOLD by FAB-DIS, THE solution for listing your offers more easily and securely.