A script… and fast!

A unanimous observation

Everybody appreciates the clarity and ease of use of the FAB-DIS user manual. However, when deadlines are tight because of the application of prices, users do not always have time to familiarise themselves with every aspect of the rules of use and the expected characteristics. As a result, we find:

  • Anomalies and omissions that are difficult to identify
  • A lack of independence for the manufacturer, which has to rely on analyses performed by distributors
  • Different interpretations of what is expected
  • Time is wasted going back and forth

These shared findings led us to consider whether implementing a unified control script would be worthwhile; our latest survey revealed that this was a popular suggestion.

Error-free listing!

Choose Easy-Check GOLD by FAB-DIS, THE solution for listing your offers more easily and securely.

Easy-Check by FAB-DIS: the solution to simplify editing of your files and to check their conformity

Facilitate the file creation process

  • Detection of anomalies
  • Teaching tool to correct them

Authenticate compliant files

  • Validity guaranteed by the unique ID issued by the script and transferred to the title block

In response to the needs of our users, Easy-Check has become a vital tool for greater independence and peace of mind. Combined with the FAB-DIS format, this tool reduces the time taken to carry out listing operations by up to 40%.