FAB-DIS: attendance of 160 climatic engineering participants

12 March 2020

160 people from the sanitary ware, heating and fluid control world came together on Tuesday 1 October:

  • to share feedback and tips on how to get reliable, enhanced data files,
  • and to discover the EASY-CHECK support tools designed to make listing operations easier.

Combined with the Easy-Check support tool, FAB-DIS improves the commercial efficiency of the 1,200 manufacturers and distributors who use it today:

  • Time savings of up to 40% on listing operations to make the marketing of offers simpler,
  • Greater fluidity and better quality of information to capture customer attention and shed light on their choices.

Error-free listing with Easy-Check GOLD!

Widely acclaimed by FAB-DIS users, this support tool, which can be accessed in just a few clicks:

  • Makes the transition of any type of listing file to FAB-DIS format easier,
  • Checks, completely independently and at any time, the conformity of a file to the requirements of the format in force,
  • Tests the quality of ALL of your data, including media, regulatory and technical data,
  • Gives you a certificate that guarantees that your content will be immediately usable by all of your distributors.

It is time to embrace the listing process. You think about FAB-DIS, FAB-DIS thinks about you.

Take advantage of the special Easy-Check price, valid until 31/10/19!

Download the FAB-DIS’Day presentation document here