The format for every professionals

A common response to sector-specific developments

Diversity, instability and complexity of data exchange formats…

Faced with the same problems while carrying out listing operations, a growing number of sectors are choosing FAB-DIS to save time, list their offers and optimise them for customers.

From bathrooms and sanitary ware to decoration, electricity and tools, every year more and more companies benefit from the advantages of the FAB-DIS format, and naturally put forward this solution when talking to their business partners.

With around ten branches within the construction, industry and infrastructure sectors on board, FAB-DIS has proven that it is able to reconcile: 

  • respect for the founding principles: efficiency (a single format to be completed or integrated), simplicity (free format available to all companies), stability (stepped format with no structural modification)
  • with adaptation to sector-specific needs and any regulatory changes that arise: collection and analysis of needs through workshops and surveys conducted regularly with new sectors that show an interest (see box opposite)

From the very first version to the one in force, the successive improvements made to the format reinforce its multi-trade anchoring in the construction, industry and infrastructure sectors.

From bathroom equipment and sanitary ware to decoration and tools, FAB-DIS rises to the challenges of the sectors 

FAB-DIS : in the process of being adopted by the building supplies sector

Proof by example

FAB-DIS is regularly developed to meet the needs of a growing number of trades.

V2.3 Release 2019 is new and is no exception; it expands the format’s scope of use. For example:

  • Expression of dimensions for non-wrapped products in rolls (carpet, wire mesh, etc.), products with variable dimensions (shower screen, garage door motor, etc.)
  • Expression of prices by the pair (safety shoes, etc.), by the litre (additive, etc.), by the kilo (powdered dye, etc.), by the tonne or by the cubic metre (sand, etc.)
  • • Expression of packaging with the integration of aerosol cans (lubricant) or plastic attachments with eyelets (brushes, etc.), packets (laminate floor boards), boards (construction panels).

Regardless of their business, new firms benefit, in turn, from the advantages offered by FAB-DIS.

Hydraulic heating

Lighting equipment

Electric heating, air conditioning & ventilation

Electrical installation equipment

Decoration & DIY

“Trade only” businesses

Sanitary ware

Electrical appliances & multimedia

Tools, attachments & PPE

Security & communication

Wires, cables & routing

Industrial process

Fluid control & plumbing

Fire detection