The basic principles

Guarantee the fluidity of your exchanges

Providing data is one thing, ensuring its quick and effective integration into the IT systems of users is another thing entirely. By adopting the FAB-DIS format, you respect the structure of the file and its rules of use !

Above all, take the time to examine the printable instructions, known as a record layout: doing so will pay dividends.

  • Examine the detailed description of the expected characteristics
  • Consult the hundreds of examples to familiarise yourself with key concepts that are often misunderstood (e.g. basic unit, quantity priced, marketing status).

…Thanks to this turnkey solution, there is no longer any risk of error and less time is wasted going back and forth as a result of misunderstandings!

The two basic principles to be adopted for optimum fluidity of exchanges are :

Complete all of the mandatory fields

  • Of the eight tabs, four are subject to mandatory circulation (COMMERCE, LOGISTICS, MEDIA and REGULATORY), in addition to the identification TITLE block. Circulation of the other blocks is optional.
  • Similarly, in the tabs, each characteristic has a mandatory, conditional or optional status. At a minimum, all of the mandatory and conditional fields must be completed (“conditional” = to be provided if applicable or relevant).
Preserve the integrity of the format

  • The number and order of the columns must not be modified: no columns may be added, deleted or hidden. If a manufacturer is not concerned by a conditional or optional field, it must keep the column and leave it empty.
  • Each value integrated into a cell has a standardised type that has to be respected. The extreme values must also be respected.
  • The Easy-Check GOLD by FAB-DIS tool allows you to:
  • Test the quality of all of your data, including MEDIA, REGULATORY and TECHNICAL
  • Obtain certification guaranteeing that your content will be immediately usable by all of your distributors
  • Improve your commercial efficiency and reduce time to market

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Did you say “compliant” ?

Would you like to capitalise on your commitment to providing or integrating rich, reliable and up-to-date data on building supply products thanks to the FAB-DIS format?

Then why wait? Download and use the “We are FAB-DIS” logo provided here.

Please note, use is strictly reserved to companies (manufacturers, distributors) that abide by the rules of use defined for this mark of conformity and that obtain Easy-Check GOLD certification, which guarantees that content is immediately usable by all distributors.


Manufacturer commitments

Distributor commitments

  1. Implement a process that automates the publication of FAB-DIS files
  2. Promote FAB-DIS among all distributor partners
  3. Respect the structure of the title block and the eight tabs
  4. Provide mandatory and conditional data
  5. Respect the type of value and the number of characters in the completed fields
  6. Maintain a high level of quality that remains constant over time
  7. Use the FAB-DIS format for all commercial references (including spare parts and accessories)
  8. Last but not least, provide files that have been checked and certified compliant by “Easy-Check by FAB-DIS” to save time and optimise the listing process
  1. Implement a process that automates the integration of the FAB-DIS files
  2. Promote FAB-DIS among suppliers by recommending the publication of FAB-DIS data files that have been checked and certified by the Easy-Check by FAB-DIS tool
  3. Maintain a high level of quality that remains constant over time to integrate and process FAB-DIS data
  4. Respect data ownership rights while data is used for marketing and sales purposes

Expert tip

Gérard Steininger, Member of the
FAB-DIS committee, 
Schneider Electric 

“To facilitate the roll-out of the FAB-DIS format, a pre-configured Excel template is available on this website.

Publishing your data using this template enables distributor marketing departments to use it immediately without any risk of error, as long as you respect the structure that is specified. Small tip: compile and format your data in an Excel worksheet. Then copy and paste it into the preconfigured Excel template using the “Paste Special – Value” function to retain the formatting of the cells.

For manufacturers that have a very large number of commercial references, the pre-configured template in Access is recommended (format .mdb). Failing that, text format (.txt) can be used.

The success of the FAB-DIS reference system is dependent on
– a clear and precise description of the fields and values
– use of the Excel format, which everybody can read
– the block structure, for enhancement and use by companies at their own pace

A piece of data only has value if it is known, understood and shared”

Secure the use of data in your contracts

Although the FAB-DIS community is responsible for the “container” (predefined format to be carefully respected), manufacturers guarantee and own the “content”, i.e. the data itself, completed and communicated to their customers under their responsibility.

Consequently, the specific contractual clauses to be agreed between each manufacturer and distributor represent real added value and serve to prevent legal and commercial risks caused by the uncontrolled use of the data provided (e.g. sale of data to third parties without being expressly authorised by the manufacturer, entry or interpretation error leading to non-compliance with specifications or a claim, etc.).

Indeed, the provision of the FAB-DIS file does not include the transfer of any intellectual property rights to its recipient. The terms and conditions of reproduction, even partial, of the data and the media must be defined, requiring, where appropriate, the prior authorisation of the manufacturer.