The community

An open and responsive organisation

The outcome of a cooperative approach between manufacturers and distributors in the electrical and climatic fields (IGNES and FDME), the FAB-DIS format has now been adopted by a majority of companies in the construction, industry and infrastructure sectors. 

In light of the success that it enjoyed beyond its original scope, the decision was made to set up a committee that is representative of the diversity of the trades and companies involved. This committee aims to:

  • respond to the interest shown by new trades in appropriating the FAB-DIS format, while ensuring its founding principles are respected (simple, free, responsive, universal),
  • put forward relevant and shared responses to the issues encountered by building sector suppliers when listing their offers.

It is within this context that around 20 experts in different fields (marketing, data managers, logistics, etc.) meet and work in an open and transparent environment to:

  • Understand and meet needs in order to improve the exchange of data
  • Integrate trade and regulatory changes 
  • Manage and raise awareness of FAB-DIS on French and European markets

Role of the FAB-DIS committee

  • Enable companies of all sizes to integrate FAB-DIS independently
  • Ensure that FAB-DIS remains accessible without restrictions or any form of consideration, under the best possible conditions
  • Manage the development of the format and its porting, within an open and transparent process
  • Integrate current international best-practice requirements (e.g. ISO, UNECE, GS1, etc.)
  • Facilitate the conformity of the files to the format through the use of an effective checking tool
  • Ensure the improvement of user skills and the sharing of experience and know-how
  • Listen to needs and respond to requests for trade-specific developments to reinforce the universal nature of FAB-DIS
  • Make FAB-DIS available in English to meet the needs of users
  • Work with partners like ETIM, GS1 and e-Cl@ss to favour the consistency of formats

It's important to be part of it!

Vincent HUIN, Development Director at IGNES and chairman of the FAB-DIS committee

The outcome of a cooperative approach between manufacturers and distributors in the electrical and climatic fields (IGNES and FDME), the FAB-DIS format has now been adopted by a majority of companies in the construction, industry and infrastructure sectors. The FAB-DIS community meets three or four times a year in the form of a committee that is representative of the diversity of users (company size, business sector, area of expertise, etc.) and respectful of competition law.

Its aim? To bolster the roll-out of the format on the market and deal with requests regarding changes to the reference system. It relies on two working groups that are in charge of the Reference System and Communication, respectively.

If you would like to promote the FAB-DIS approach and contribute to the development of the reference system, please contact your trade organisation first so that it can organise its representation within the FAB-DIS committee and explain the reasons behind its application.

In return, you will have access to extensive expertise and valuable feedback to make the most of digital transformation opportunities that arise every day in the construction, industry and infrastructure sectors.