15 March 2020


“Because of its uniform structure for all suppliers, the FAB-DIS format enables us to develop an extremely responsive tool with which to qualify their data. We help suppliers to enhance and improve the quality of the data to be provided by sending them an error report within 24 hours of receiving the data. The files are therefore more reliable and manufacturers more meticulous. The benefits for a distributor are quick and clear:



– Involvement of all of our manufacturers, whether they are leaders or challengers, recent or historical, from all areas of activity (wiring engineers, lighting designers, domestic, sanitary ware, etc.)

– Greater flexibility when it comes to updating prices

– Increased efficiency thanks to a significant reduction in the number of exchanges with manufacturers

– Richer, better structured content to save time on processing and analysis

– Harmonised structuring of Marketing and Purchasing nomenclatures


Because the documentation is complete, we only discuss very minor points with our manufacturers. In comparison, we used to spend more than an hour explaining the meaning of each field to be completed in the old formats.


This new FAB-DIS format has really changed perceptions and improved data exchanges between partners. Thanks to Rexel’s contribution to the production of different versions of FAB-DIS, all sector manufacturers are grateful for the support and the improved quality of their product data.”

Claude BOYER

15 March 2020

“EATON got involved very early on in the execution and promotion of the FAB-DIS format, which simplifies and improves the reliability of the exchange of our data on two levels:

– Internally: the single format prevents information transcription errors for our customers by automating the formatting of the data extracted directly from our product databases.

– Externally: we have reduced data interpretation errors and thereby eliminated the continuous exchange of files that do not comply with our customers’ formats. We have also considerably reduced logistics disputes caused by a misunderstanding of the packaging units.

FAB-DIS helps to optimise our offers for customers and improve our business relationships.”


15 March 2020


“We dreamt it, FAB-DIS does it….


Thanks to its simple and comprehensive format, it centralises all of the manufacturer’s product data. For us, this format offers several advantages. The single file format simplifies exchanges with the manufacturer, saving a considerable amount of time. The quality of the information, because of its structure and due to the upstream checking process, results in fewer errors attributable to the interpretation of the files. Centralisation of information in a single file optimises the time spent collecting data from the manufacturer (logistics, price, media, etc.).

Lastly, we believe in the durability of this standard because of its constant development, its pragmatic and responsive organisation and its ever-increasing membership.”


15 March 2020

“Initially, generating a FAB-DIS file from our computer database was nothing more than a burden and a complicated process…

But then the FAB-DIS approach proved to be worthwhile, forcing us to organise ourselves differently to group together and structure all of the information relating to our products.

Today, our “data articles” group together all of the marketing, sales, logistics, regulatory and purchasing data. When we need to update our sales software or our WEB catalogues, or generate a FAB-DIS, all of the information is now extracted in one and the same file, depending on the needs of the format! There is no doubt about the fact that it saves time.” 

Claude LIMON

15 March 2020

“A real step forward in the quality and completeness of data exchanges with manufacturers. Format standardisation makes the processing of information more responsive. The optimisation of media data means that it can be relayed accurately to our customers, on our different web and paper-based resources.

This standardisation of the structure of exchanges between manufacturers and distributors is developed jointly and, what’s more, it’s free. It is a win-win partnership that favours the development of our companies.”


15 March 2020

“The benefit offered by the FAB-DIS file is, above all, data consistency, regardless of which manufacturer I am working with. FAB-DIS saves us a considerable amount of time when it comes to managing data. From one manufacturer to the next, we have the same information in the same places and coded in the same way, which makes it much easier to update our price lists. We no longer need to deal with files with different formats and different column orders in Excel.

FAB-DIS greatly facilitates the integration of marketing data when creating catalogues, and when building and managing merchant sites or applications. Data that used to be difficult to retrieve (weight of products, technical data sheets, images, etc.) is now included in the same file. In addition, when we occasionally need to export equipment, the logistics data is immediately at hand.

The success of FAB-DIS lies, above all, in the growing number of suppliers who are signing up to it, thus guaranteeing its long-term future.”


15 March 2020


“Drawing on experience, FAB-DIS reached maturity three years ago.


In terms of its application, we are convinced of the effectiveness of this generic exchange format, which remains simple to use and comprehensive. This is demonstrated by the fact that the list of our partner suppliers has not stopped growing in recent months.

FAB-DIS contributes to the quality of our work as an independent firm, a characteristic that we protect.

FAB-DIS is also helping to modernise our profession and sector, which is resolutely turned towards the future.”


13 March 2020

“With the MEDIA tab in FAB-DIS, we can finally compare product references and all of this marketing data. This reduces the number of requests for technical and media information, improves the quality of the data and optimises product performance. In short: it saves us a significant amount of time when producing catalogues and adds value to the products offered to our customers.”

Olivier PERES

8 March 2020

“The FAB-DIS format has enabled us to simplify exchanges with our partners: focusing resources on a single format makes our exchanges smoother and improves the quality of the information. The fact that it comprises several scalable tabs that are structured in cooperation with our partners and counterparts means that we are in step with structural “Webshop” changes. It paves the way for a real-time automated exchange system.”


8 March 2020

“We integrated the FAB-DIS exchange format and started promoting it among our suppliers several years ago.

It has helped us to standardise and improve the reliability of all of our product communications. This standardisation approach is a real plus. It has become more widespread and now covers our whole product range. If I had to rate the version 2.1 format, I would give it 8 out of 10, but the new version takes into account the areas for improvement that were suggested.”