15 March 2020


“Because of its uniform structure for all suppliers, the FAB-DIS format enables us to develop an extremely responsive tool with which to qualify their data. We help suppliers to enhance and improve the quality of the data to be provided by sending them an error report within 24 hours of receiving the data. The files are therefore more reliable and manufacturers more meticulous. The benefits for a distributor are quick and clear:



– Involvement of all of our manufacturers, whether they are leaders or challengers, recent or historical, from all areas of activity (wiring engineers, lighting designers, domestic, sanitary ware, etc.)

– Greater flexibility when it comes to updating prices

– Increased efficiency thanks to a significant reduction in the number of exchanges with manufacturers

– Richer, better structured content to save time on processing and analysis

– Harmonised structuring of Marketing and Purchasing nomenclatures


Because the documentation is complete, we only discuss very minor points with our manufacturers. In comparison, we used to spend more than an hour explaining the meaning of each field to be completed in the old formats.


This new FAB-DIS format has really changed perceptions and improved data exchanges between partners. Thanks to Rexel’s contribution to the production of different versions of FAB-DIS, all sector manufacturers are grateful for the support and the improved quality of their product data.”