15 mars 2020

« The benefit offered by the FAB-DIS file is, above all, data consistency, regardless of which manufacturer I am working with. FAB-DIS saves us a considerable amount of time when it comes to managing data. From one manufacturer to the next, we have the same information in the same places and coded in the same way, which makes it much easier to update our price lists. We no longer need to deal with files with different formats and different column orders in Excel.

FAB-DIS greatly facilitates the integration of marketing data when creating catalogues, and when building and managing merchant sites or applications. Data that used to be difficult to retrieve (weight of products, technical data sheets, images, etc.) is now included in the same file. In addition, when we occasionally need to export equipment, the logistics data is immediately at hand.

The success of FAB-DIS lies, above all, in the growing number of suppliers who are signing up to it, thus guaranteeing its long-term future. »