15 March 2020

“Before the introduction of FAB-DIS, manufacturer data often reached us in a jumble. Depending on the supplier, some fields could lead to confusion. Between exchanges, the structure of files could change… It was difficult to determine a data-mapping process that was stable over time. We always had to check all of the data fields entering our system. Standardisation of the format (FAB-DIS) now means we can quickly check the completeness of the data. The file only needs to be mapped once. The whole sector uses the same language. This has enabled us to put in place a much more efficient data integration process. The new format has saved a great deal of time for the reference system department. It has enabled us to reallocate resources to the enhancement and checking of data. As for manufacturers, the names of the fields are explicit and our contacts understand what we expect of them more easily. As our manufacturers have switched over to the FAB-DIS format, we have noticed a clear improvement in the quality of the data, particularly in the case of the product data sheets that are accessible to all of our e-commerce customers.”