Sandra LORRE

15 March 2020

“A few years ago, we used to manage around 15 different files that were filled in by hand.


The arrival of the FAB-DIS format coincided with the construction of our product database and our new website, which are also constantly evolving. We set ourselves the goal of deploying files in FAB-DIS format by 01/08/2015. To keep to this deadline, half of the data could be extracted directly from our new database, while the other half was still managed by hand as the information was only available to certain people or in other software programs. We then aimed to automate the export of as much data as possible, which would also require changes to internal processes.

The outcome is very positive. FAB-DIS has enabled us to:

– Check our data and identify inconsistencies between different systems or shortcomings in our internal processes,

– Educate and involve all departments in the quality and transmission of data,

– Save time: we have fewer requests for photos or manuals, etc.

Today, by sticking to this format and its development, we will become even more efficient both internally and externally.”