Error-free listing

Everyone’s a winner with Easy-Check

With its 500 checking rules defined and shared with building supply trades, Easy-Check by FAB-DIS makes listing operations synonymous with:

  • time savings,
  • speed and peace of mind,
  • independence and guaranteed conformity !

This solution, which anybody can access in just a few clicks, has quickly become an essential tool for listing your products as you can check in a reliable, secure and quick manner your files’ conformity to FAB-DIS requirements.

Cap sur FAB-DIS 3.0 !

Votre nouveau cahier des charges de la Data Produit colle aux besoins du marché et aux évolutions règlementaires pour favoriser le business.

Time Savings

  • Lighten the load by detecting anomalies instantly
  • Reduce time wasted going back and forth with partners
  • Focus work on the deviations identified (missing or poorly formatted data)


  • Possibility of correcting anomalies before the file is released to the distributor
  • Measure the effort required to restore compliance
  • Establish data management indicators


  • Rely on one neutral contact with an equivalent requirement level
  • Facilitate appropriation of FAB-DIS internally thanks to the analysis report
  • Motivate content producers to improve data quality


  • No need to develop and maintain a “proprietary” script
  • Optimise resources to enhance content (rather than format data)
  • … To exist online, and be part of, rather than suffer, the digital revolution

Compliance of the container is not to be confused with quality of the content

Choose Easy-Check by FAB-DIS and:

  • Produce files in FAB-DIS format completely independently
  • Ensure their conformity with the requirements of the Reference System (structure, integrity, completeness, etc.)

But it is not a master key for integrating the distributor’s ERP. The quality and the consistency of the content must be checked beforehand.

Read the detailed control scope of Easy-Check by FAB-DIS.